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6 - 12

PLATO Sign On Instruction

Log in: KUSD20

User Name: first name and student ID number

Password: student ID number

How it works:

6th through 12th grade students use the PLATO online learning program.

Convenient. Flexible. Engaging.

Every student can learn, they just learn differently.

Some thrive in the classroom, while others have trouble paying attention in class and do better on their own or in small groups. Some from a book, other with videos, and many who need a little bit of it all! Online learning caters to any and all of these different learning styles.

KOLA can provide an entirely different atmosphere and family dynamic by keeping children home.

Extracurricular Opportunities

All KOLA students have access to participate in any club, sport and event offered to any KUSD student. Need a flexible online class schedule, but want to play on a team? No problem! Contact the school of your choice to see how your student can join in.