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Our immersive K-5 school is streamed right from the classroom, with online KOLA students working face-to-face with in-classroom teachers and students.

Meanwhile our 6-12 school offers an exceptional learning experience, where students can work at their own pace. 6-12 students have access to online and in-person tutoring by certified teachers.



We serve hundreds of students every day, each one a valued and important life-learner. We love to provide exceptional and, in many cases, individualized distance education services.


Certified Staff

Our small band of certified and enthusiastic educators allows us to provide our students with a quality education.


Sports Teams

KOLA students have access to participate in any KUSD school's safe and competitive sports teams, run by exceptional coaches and staff.


Groups & Clubs

KOLA students have access to practically any group and club throughout the district. KUSD clubs help encourage life-skills, develop relational awareness, encourage leadership qualities, and fit practically any interest.


Arts Programs

Just like with clubs, our students can always participate in creative extracurricular groups at any KUSD school.



Our school has carefully curated a learning experience for students at any level. Our curriculum is designed to exceed state standards, is full of excellent content and fun projects, and is taught using highly competent educators and online programs.